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Various beach front lots to choose from, the experience to design and build your unique island paradise. All of our land is surf focused and has a direct view of the waves and beach. 

We have built more than 13 bungalows of various styles plus other buildings such as restaurants and surf headquarters, tree houses, beach gazebos, outdoor bbq decks.

We will ensure the place is built properly and safely. We have all the trusted contacts to make it happen. Builders, workers, nominee for ownership.

In operation since 2010, we know how to make the difference between a troublesome project and a well built, on time, successful project. We can also advise on how to make the business side of things successful if required with our contacts and marketing skills in the surf industry.

We will manage the ongoing maintenance and security of the property and ensure it is being kept to a high standard for many years to follow.

With our ongoing support, we want whoever does business with us to feel safe and confident, and the business / investment to be a success. 


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Set amongst 15,000 sqm of beachfront parkland with an epic Peak break right out the front. Watch the Peak barreling from the comfort of your verandah deck chair.

Aura is situated on a long pristine clean beach ideal for surfing and swimming. Amazing mountainous jungle backdrop. All bungalows have direct view of the peak. You are able to check the surf without leaving your bed.

The accommodation encompasses 6 traditional bungalows and main building restaurant. Able to house up to 14 surfers at any one time. The resort is fully equipped with modern luxuries including bar, dining areas, cable tv, games room including pool table, table tennis, mini golf, tree house looking onto the Peak.


A surf retreat for like minded individuals. This complex comprises of 2 large open plan bungalows for 4 people each. Features private bathroom facilities. 

SBR has a large headquarters similar to Aura Surf Resort. 

It looks over the beach to the Peak and has expansive outer island views with a westerly sunset aspect.


Situated right on the beach, this development consists of 2 x 2 bedroom bungalows with external private bathrooms, and main restaurant / chill area.

Each bungalow is 95sqm, the restaurant is 100sqm with external kitchen.

This project, as with all we build, is made from the hardest wood available called Rasak.

The project faces west and has amazing views of the long white sandy beach, outer island and sunsets. 



Prime Beachfront Location, Surf on Doorstep


An opportunity exists to purchase 5210 sqm of pristine beach front free hold land on Palau Simeulue in North Sumatra. Suitable for development of 5 x twin share rooms, restaurant, kitchen and all associated services. The property will be sold as a land and building contract. Suitable for commercial use.


-          5 x twin share rooms plus restaurant

-          Super consistent PEAK on doorstep

-          Growing tourism area

-          Renowned successful builder

-          Pristine beachfront land 5210 sqm



The property is located on Simeulue Island in North Sumatra (Aceh) Indonesia. Approximately 80 meters from the world class Peak. The property faces west on a 2klm long white sandy beach and enjoys picturesque views of the ocean and outer islands, as well as amazing sunsets. The beach directly out the front also has excellent consistent waves. Simeulue has great surf all year round, with the lowest months being November and December. Outside of these months conditions are very good and swell super consistent. The Peak is the most consistent wave on the island. There are approx. 15 other waves across the 150klm long island. As well as many smaller outer islands, jungle and mountains, snorkeling, fishing etc.

Land component

The land is 5210 sqm with 99.01 meters approx beach front and has street access. It is flat level land easy to build on with minimal clearing required. Connected to main island power line.

Development Plan

The Proposed development is 5 x twin share accommodation sleeping up to 10 people. Each room is 16 sqm internal with balcony area 8sqm. Total area of accommodation is 120 sqm.

Within the project are all services including kitchen 15 sqm, 2 x external bathrooms, restaurant / hang area 36 sqm, staff quarters and storage 40 sqm, garage 36sqm, and generator / storeroom.

Please make contact for more details. 


Mentawai Experience

The property is situated on 6500sqm of pristine beachfront land. The current bungalow is built off to 1 side to allow for more future development. 

Total square meter of the bungalow is 49sqm. Large room is 25sqm. 15sqm balcony and 9sqm loft. Sleeps up to 4 people. Free standing open air bathroom. Seperate kitchen and storage areas. 


Waves are in view right from the property. There are 7 lefts and 3 rights in the direct area all world class set ups. Icelands is 5 mins away. Another 2 very long lefts and a right within 3 mins.


The 8 meter fibreglass deep V speedboat with twin 85hp motors is in perfect condition and included in the sale.

The beach straight at the front is great for swimming and good snorkeling. Surrounded by nature with some amazing mangrove inlets close by and cool sand spit which is fun to explore. 


Located on Awera Island, there are no roads, only access is by boat. Easy to access the property at all tide

There is building approval in process for total of 2 bungalows and 1 large open air main building / chill area. This is apart from the existing bunker, kitchen, staff area and the other generator storage buildings. 

Well water is 100% perfect. There is also a rainwater tank. 

Power is provided by generator which is only needed for a few hours each day. The bungalow has free air flow and doesn't need fans or air-conditioning after10pm, it can get quite chilly in the early morning. 


The main town is only 15 mins boat trip away with most supplies. Any specialty items can arrive from Padang in less than 48hours. There are 4 ferries per week from Padang to Tuapejat which takes 3 hours. Site location is 15mins boat trip from Tuapejat. 

The property is fully set up and ready to go. 3 very reliable staff members are keen to stay on. Our trusted nominee required for Indonesian land ownership is included in the sale and an ongoing asset. 

This is a great opportunity for somebody to come in and have a ready private surf retreat with the ability to develop more. For more details and pricing make contact. 


The owner is able to offer a 50%  ownership share in the property if desired. This means all costs are split 50/50. There is scope to build another one or two bungalows in the future. This is usually a preferred option as it limits the risk and halves the entry price. Make contact for details. 


2 Bedroom Beachouse

This open plan beach house has a direct view of the Peak and outer islands. And enjoys a westerly aspect with perfect sunsets.


Features large dining / lounge area, a full length balcony deck which is 20m wide.


Internal private courtyard of 200sqm. With kitchen, bathroom, storage and garage off the back.


With over 10 uncrowded waves within half an hour drive, this beach house is a surfers dream and built to take the whole family into account.


Samsara Escape

This is a perfect opportunity for an entity to build a new surf retreat or private residence. With no other accommodation within 1 hours drive, all areas around the site are extremely untouched.  An abundance of nature and several small islands in the vicinity.


The property is located on Simeulue Island in North Sumatra (Aceh) Indonesia. Directly on an amazing untouched beach that has many excellent waves. A multitude of other secret waves in the area close by.


The property faces west on a 3klm long white sandy beach and enjoys picturesque views of the ocean and outer islands, as well as amazing sunsets. There are remote islands a few klms off shore to the north. Simeulue has great surf all year around, with the lowest months being November and December.


Outside of these months conditions are very good and swell remains consistent. There are approx. 15 other waves across the 150klm long island. As well as many smaller outer islands, jungle and mountains, snorkeling, fishing etc.



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